Erotic Muse

As an artist I embody a wild and humorous Pure Luxury Model, because with me you spend a stimulating and exciting time on our journey together. I like to combine relaxation and dynamics in my life. Through my life as a model and artist you will find a fascinating celebrity model at your side. I am open-minded for the lively cities and find with you in the metropolises the places of peace and sensual moments.

I love to go out elegantly to classy restaurants, stylish coffee shops and trendy bars. If it comes to music, I will love to go to clubs because you will experience magical parties with me. At the end of our breathtaking night-out, I would like to enjoy the sunrise with you.

"I am an extremely charismatic, educated and cosmopolitan person. Whether at an opera visit, an official event or a romantic dinner for two - I can adapt well to any situation and therefore represent the perfect escort.
Often I am asked why I do this job with so much passion and devotion? What is probably most charming for me: The contrast in my life - the "brave and conservative" looking lady on the one hand and the passionate, insatiable lover who fulfills all the gentleman's fantasies on the other hand.

Emily’s travel advice

Name: Emily
Residence Berlin
Age: 26
Weight: 52 kg
Height: 165 cm
Bra-Cup 75 C
Hair: long blond hair
Eyes: blue
Profession: female artist
Conversation: German, English
Dress size 34
Wardrobe: femin und elegant
Fee: Superior
Shoe size: 39
Feels comfortable in swimwear by: Agent Provocateur
Smells amazing with perfume on by: Missioni & Dior Diorissimo
Cuisine: Italian
Drinks: Gin Tonic, Coke Light
Interests: travel, hiking, boats, dancing, culinary arts
Character: open-minded, well-educated, with sence of humor
Trips: London, St. Tropez, St. Moritz
Smoking: yes, gladly renounce
Tattoo: very small tattoo
Piercing: no

Important travel information

Hamburg travel expenses 150,- € Minimum booking duration 4h
Dresden travel expenses 150,-€ Minimum booking duration 4h
Salzburg Travel expenses 200,-€ Minimum booking duration 12h
other destinations on request