Your exclusive trip to the Costa del Sol

Enchanting travel companions

for your stay on the Costa del Sol
  • alejandra06

    Sensual Muse
    Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga

  • pamela3

    Naughty Muse
    Marbella, Munich, Vienna

  • mabel14

    Celebrity Femme Fatale
    Paris, Luxembourg, Monaco

  • IMG_2135

    Elegant Muse
    Marbella, Barcelona, Paris

  • Katarina3

    Sexy Muse
    Marbella, Barcelona, Madrid

  • Amanda01

    High Erotic Travel Muse
    Munich, Frankfurt, Vienna

  • amber04

    Thrilling Muse
    Bali, Dubai, Asia

  • Eva_20

    21.08. – 23.08. Munich
    Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart

  • charlene_pure20jpg

    Celebrity VIP Model
    Warsaw, London, Europe

  • vip cover

    31.07. – 04.08. Vienna
    Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden

  • xenija_schlussel2

    Sweet & sexy Muse
    Vienna, Salzburg, Munich

  • H

    Pure Luxury Muse
    Munich, Ulm, Friedrichshafen

  • gia300159

    Sensual Muse
    Atlanta, NYC, Miami

  • Ayla-WA0011
    TS Ayla

    Wonderful Muse
    London, Paris, Frankfurt

  • kati02

    Girlfriend Experience Muse
    Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden

  • vip cover

    Exotic Muse
    Berlin, Hamburg, Marbella

  • sasha05

    Fiery Muse
    Dubai, Barcelona

  • Lucia_12

    New Muse
    Vienna, Salzburg, Graz

Your exclusive trip to the Costa del Sol to Marbella

The enchanting travel companions of Pure Luxury Model will enrich your already luxurious stay in this dream destination with a lot of sensuality, wit and joie de vivre. In Marbella itself, you will experience one of the most beautiful places in the world, which offers you and your discreet Pure Luxury Model in Marbella a veritable cornucopia of fashionable hotels, clubs and restaurants. With our high-class travel companion in Marbella you treat yourself to a luxury that will convince you on every level.

Living holiday dreams on the Costa del Sol

The fact that this beautiful vacation destination is so appreciated by the international jet set is of course also due to the fabulous luxury hotels. To get to know with your sweet Pure Luxury Model Marbella from its most exclusive side, we recommend the Kempinski Hotels Bahia. Here you and your travel companion will enjoy all the amenities of one of the largest, but also the most elite hotel complexes on the Costa del Sol. You will be in the best company with your elegant and safe travel companion.


As an absolute highlight is also the Villa del Mar, which extends with its six bedrooms over an area of considerable 6200 square meters. In addition, the hotel offers you and your Pure Luxury Model an exquisite selection of excellent restaurants, a spacious spa area, private beach and many other amenities that you can only wish for as a man of the world. In conjunction with our exquisite travel companion, you will enjoy a time out here that truly leaves no wish unfulfilled!

Life is playing on the beach

One sentence describes the wonderful attitude towards life that you can experience with your beautiful travel companion in Marbella. The world-famous beach clubs in the city are considered by the international jet set as "the meeting place" in Spain - so just ideal to pop the corks with your Pure Luxury Model in Marbella. An absolute legend, for example, is the Niki Beach Club. The sight of the perfectly formed body of your travel companion in Marbella - only covered by a skimpy bikini - is in itself a real pleasure. Coupled with the stylish flair of this posh club and the Andalusian sun, all signs point to high pleasure for you!

Michelin star cuisine

Sensuality and culinary delights go hand in hand! To give your exclusive rendezvous with your travel companion a fitting start, a fine dinner at "Calima" would be just perfect. Here it is worth staying with your parkettsafe Pure Luxury Model. Overlooking one of the most beautiful marinas in Europe - Puerto Banus - you will be spoiled with real delicacies. In and around this beautiful location, of course, you will find numerous other gourmet temples where you can enjoy the diverse and delicious cuisine of Spain. The sweetest dessert will surely be served by your open-minded travel companion ... after dessert.