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Pure Luxury Models in Dubai

For many people, Dubai is the epitome of luxury. Dubai enchants people with its magnificent skyscrapers, the world-famous, beautifully laid out palm islands and its countless luxury boutiques.

No wishes remain unfulfilled here. Numerous well-known hotel chains are lined up - the parties in Dubai are legendary! With our High Class travel companions you have the perfect model for every event, extensive shopping tours or just a relaxing time at the beach or the hotel pool.

Let yourself also be enchanted by a metropolis that could spring from a fairy tale a la "thousand and one nights". Attract envious glances when you take your High Class Pure Luxury Model into a casino in a dreamlike evening dress.

With our High Class travel companions you will experience an unforgettable time in Dubai in this dreamy city.


Enchanting travel companions

for your luxurious trip!
  • eva13

    Breathtaking Muse
    Klagenfurt, Salzburg, Munich

  • selena_1

    Travel Model
    Bucharest, Vienna, Munich

  • Zoe02

    Magical Muse
    Dusseldorf, Luxembourg, Frankfurt

  • Luis_9E62

    Humourous Gentleman
    Zurich, Constance, Bregenz