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Temperamental Muse

Lara is a desirable high class model. This muse is a cheerful sunshine. With her adaptability in any situation, the date gets a fluid character. Whether familiar deep conversations with meaning or openness to fun in a casual athmosphere. Lara has a very communicative way to fill the flow of conversation and erotic flow with life.

The facets of Lara are so diverse. As a connoisseur and erotic princess, this spirited model also loves to be pampered herself. Therefore it is a pleasure to enjoy the time with her. Pure enjoyment through her relaxed manner, this energetic humor and the art of changing sometimes. Lara's lips have a special aura. Enjoy Lara!

Lara’s travel advice

Name: Lara
Residence near Vienna
Age: 23
Weight: 61 Kg
Height: 178 cm
Bra-Cup 75 B nature
Hair: blonde
Eyes: green
Profession: Real Estate
Conversation: English, Czech, French, Spanish
Dress size 36
Wardrobe: elegant, sporty
Fee: President Suite
Shoe size: 39.5
Feels comfortable in swimwear by: Agent Provocateur
Smells amazing with perfume on by: Byredo, Kilian
Cuisine: Seafood, Japanese, Indian
Drinks: Champagne, Skinny Bitch
Interests: Moving my body, traveling, culture, interesting conversations
Character: cheerful, reliable, educated
Trips: Asia, USA, Beaches
Smoking: no
Tattoo: no
Piercing: no
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