Your path to become a Pure Luxury Model

What does"Pure Luxury Models"stand for?

Pure Luxury Models is a reputable and innovative company for travel companionships based in Vienna. For our demanding clients, we organize and convey exclusive travelling partners worldwide. The models who represent Pure Luxury Models and who were tasked by us are characterized by their attractive appearance, charm, intelligence and passion for this independent work. Whoever is represented by us, experiences new and exciting possibilities. Interesting journeys, which can be abroad as well and the meet and greets with interesting people. These are only a few of the many comforts besides the fee you will get as a travel partner.

Every single model of Pure Luxury Models either works in her regular job or goes to university. The part time job allows you to have a peek into the world of adventure and luxury. In addition to cultural events to concerts or theater you will also be able to visit the haute cuisine. Models who are open-minded for such things, will enjoy exciting hours, days and nights as a traveling companion at Pure Luxury Models.

As an agency, which establishes itself at the international market, we look for attractive models constantly who satisfy our demands. In addition to that we also call models welcome who have no or little experience but show high interest in this hobby. If you need tips and advices Pure Luxury Models will like to provide you them starting from the appearance till the perfect manners on a trip and at the table.

Our expectations of a Pure Luxury Model

If you are a natural beauty and have a penchant for exhilarating hours plus special journeys then Pure Luxury Models is the place to be for you. In addition to that having sensual charisma and by fulfilling the following criteria should be motivation enough to apply at Pure Luxury Models:

You offer:
► Age between 18 to 39
► Intelligent with a degree, studying at university
► Or a good apprenticeship.
► Absolutely reliable, punctual, loyal
► Very pretty, perfectly neat and good behavior
► Appropriate wardrobe (also for journeys) and open to the special flirting experience
► No (visible) tattoos or piercings
► Joy for short, exciting and cultural meet and greets
►Joy for some annual special journeys
► Flexible time slots for these meetings and travel
► A positive aura and enjoyment for life

We offer:
► Perfect organization and consultation of the journeys
► Very good independent possibility for a secondary income
► Well picked and neat gentlemen
► Absolute discretion for your data and pictures
► On request a coaching for job-related and personal skills
► best care for the date and security
► Complete preparation for your journeys and the check-in
► For beginners, also the special care (styling, fashion, manners)

Do you have any other questions? We would like to answer you on the phone or by mail. Have you answered all criteria with YES and you want to work with Pure Luxury Models® and get conveyed by us? Then send your application The application will be dealt with discreetly and secretly. We put special emphasis on professionalism. This is why we only consider applications with 3-5 current full body pictures (not older than three months). Please give information about your age, height, weight, place of residence and especially the motivation of your application. Afterwards you will receive a detailed casting, followed by discussing about the further procedure.

We are looking forward to get to know you!

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