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Salzburg - a breathtaking scenery

f you feel like combining a breathtaking getaway in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with a charming Pure Luxury Model then Salzburg is an ideal choice! Even for stimulating hours, the city of Mozart has everything ready for you, which is the perfect pampering days and hours: comfortable hotels, enjoyable cuisine, a breathtaking natural scenery and of course plenty of high-class cultural offers.

An exquisite lodging

The fourth largest city in Austria puts you in the selection of a reasonable accommodation before the choice of classic or modern. Right in the city you will find the privately owned and traditional luxury hotel Sacher. Situated directly on the banks of the Salzach River, you can enjoy wonderful views of the Old Town as well as the view of a delightful Pure Luxury Model . The hotel combines a timeless elegance and tradition, combined with modern comfort and service at the highest level. Right in the old town you will find the high-class boutique hotel Goldgasse. With only 16 beautiful rooms, you will find a very modern and extremely private setting to enjoy the time.

Culinary experiences

With an elegant Pure Luxury Model you can discover Salzburg's cultural and culinary sites. A stopover in one of the traditional coffee houses should be there. In March 2018, after a complex reconstruction, the rooftop terrace on the seventh floor of the legendary Hotel Stein opened with a fantastic view of the castle. With a slice of cake and a glass of wine, you can choose a suitable gourmet restaurant for a romantic candlelight dinner with the beguiling Pure Luxury Model . Very close to the city center, to dive into the city's multifaceted nightlife after dinner, there is the trendy restaurant "Esszimmer" with Austrian cuisine in the heart of the old town.

Turn night into day with a Pure Luxury Model

This is very well done with a Pure Luxury Model in Salzburg! In addition to the many cultural offerings - the numerous operas, concerts and theaters in the front - a cornucopia of casual bars and clubs awaits you. The highlight of the night will be in your exquisite accommodation.