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Gentleman FAQ

Luxurious travel escorts for your sensual moments

Here we put together the frequently asked questions and answered them. If you still have any questions, contact us personally. We are there for you from 11 am to 6 pm to take care of your matter.


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Click here to visit our Model Gallery! The photos will give you the first impression of the Pure Luxury Models. If you have looked through the PLM profiles and picked out some favorites, please contact us. We will assist you in your choice and will be at your disposal for your extraordinary meeting.

Please, provide us with all necessary information, so that we could organize your trip:
• Your name, telephone number and/or email
• The desired model and perhaps another option
• To arrange a booking your request should be placed in advance (couples of days or even weeks before your actual trip)
• Location of the meeting (the exact address). If you have already booked a hotel, please, give us information about the hotel name and room number (if it's known)

Do not forget to inform us about your preferences - style, dress code, particularities, etc. your model should know about in order to make your trip as perfect as possible.

The traveling expenses are not included in the fee. Depending on the location and the arrival of our international Pure Luxury Models the expenses may vary and depend on a booking request. An approximate list of traveling expenses:

Car or train & transfer, hotel

Within Europe flight & transfer, hotel

Worldwide flight & transfer, hotel

Please, give the non-negotiable fee to your travel partner confidentially in a non-closed envelope at the beginning of your rendez-vous. If it is a matter of a longer booking, an international journey or it takes longer for a model to get to the destination point, it's necessary to pay a deposit via the money transfer to the agency bank account. You can receive the account number by request.

Please note:

If you wish to cancel your trip with a Pure Luxury Model, please inform us in good time. In the event of cancellation within less than 24 hours, the full fee for the confirmed duration of the date will be charged in addition to the travel costs already incurred as compensation.

Please inform the agency in good time so that other solutions can be found.

All your details will be 100% discreetly treated. We use your personal data only for the provision of the services and will delete it afterwards.

For confidentiality reasons we don't use Messengers like WhatsApp or iMessage, but work with Signal and Telegram.

Our models are dependent on 100% discretion as well as customers.

The anonymity of our travel companions is very important to us. Therefore we do not have any pictures with our ladies' faces. Read more about our data protection regulations.

As an aspiring agency, we guarantee absolute authenticity to our clients and actuality of our models' pictures. You will get the model you saw on pictures. Pure Luxury Models works with personally chosen models who need to pass a demanding acceptance process to get conveyed by us.

A model will set up a meeting with you in a public spot (for example, in a luxurious hotel or restaurant) at the time you agreed on.

You can book a model for a short 2 hour date. There might be a minimum booking time, depending on where the model is booked as we need to consider the driving time. We would love to advise you. As an agency, we usually estimate a booking from 12 hours to a longer trip up to 3 weeks. In order to see if the chemistry is right we suggest to have a short time meeting which would last 2-4 hours. For example, at a restaurant.

Of course, you and our travel partner are free humans which can make decisions. If you notice that the chemistry is not right between you and a model, we would charge travel costs and time of a lady. If you notice that it does not click while having a date already, we would ask you to compensate a model's expenditure of time. Please inform the agency about your decision and your motives.


It does not matter which problem it is, talk about it with your travel partner openly. Your Pure Luxury Model is a human like you and will react reasonably on criticism. A clarifying conversation will remove dissatisfaction in most cases. Important thing is consideration and willingness to compromise. Your travel companion will not bother you with trivialities but act like a real lady should act like. She will do her best to provide a smooth service during your trip. If you cannot clarify the situation with a conversation, please contact us immediately, so that we can talk about further procedure.

Fundamentally our escorts travel around the country and world. But for some countries, such as the United Arab Emirates there are some special features. For longer bookings like a holiday or a business trip you have an opportunity to have an acquaintance meeting with your chosen model in order to find out how well you harmonise. For additional information please call us.

Ideally, you make your booking early. If you book a pure luxury model, we will gladly keep your desired date. If a pure luxury model is not available, we will also be happy to suggest an excellent alternative.

We would prefer if you tell us your imaginations and preferences in advance. Our travel escorts are open and accommodating.
We would ask you to call us or write us an email in order to talk about your preferences and wishes, so that we could recommend a suitable model for your trip.

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